Starting Food For Babies

starting food for babies

    for babies
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Baby Green Cheek: Aren't I CUTE!

Baby Green Cheek: Aren't I CUTE!

The babies had climbed out of the nestbox and were checking out their surroundings, under Momma's supervision of course. They are in the curious and nibbly phase. :)

There's cardboard laid down so their little feet don't fall through and all the perches are too high for them to get to. There is only a ladder just barely off the ground, but not high enough they would hurt themselves if they fell off of it. They are all real coordinated now and can perch on a finger.... but you can't be to careful. :)
There are some toys close to the bottom, and some food of course. A couple of them have already started nibbling at the food after watching momma.

That's little pooper in the background, he likes to follow his older siblings everywhere, and surprisingly, they all baby him like he's their baby, too.

All the babies look like little Gizmos! Looks like they are going to take after their daddy in the looks department!

Baby troll toe nails

Baby troll toe nails

I thought i'd start the New Year with something slightly surreal and humourous.

These pots are in a wooded area in the Hope Centre, which my kids love to go to play with their Nan. It's set-up for proper old-school playing and mucking around outside, as well as loads of animals to see. These pots are for the kids to make food for the trolls, pixies and fairies that live in the wood.

I also doubt whether there's another photo on Flickr with this title!

starting food for babies

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